13 de February de 2023

Blast Furnace Steelmaking

Starting with iron as raw material, either in the form of ore or as a concentrate in the form of synthesized iron, pellets, etc., it is melted in a blast furnace (as can be seen in image 2), with coal and coke, assisted by fluxes. In this melting process, a mass of liquid steel is formed, covered by a fluid slag in which a large part of the impurities remains. The aim is to obtain liquid pig iron.
26 de November de 2021

Why attend metal exhibitions? SUBCONTRATACIÓN ’21 and METAL MADRID 21

One step after another. This is how our parents taught us to walk and progress. This is how our history was forged. Without radical changes, without flourishes or airs of grandeur, without making a fuss And now it was time to give the next one, to attend an event as exhibitors for the first time, and we did it in two consecutive fairs.
29 de July de 2021

Toolox 33 – Tool steel and pre-hardened, tempered and cooled machines

TOOLOX 33 is a tempered and cooled steel for tools, designed to have low residual tension. It is characterised by its very good machinability and is pre-hardened to 33 HRC. Toolox 33 steel has excellent polishing and photoengraving properties.
29 de July de 2021

Hardox – We are SSAB distributors in Valencia, Spain

The range of anti-wear sheet products of Hardox abrasion resistant steel has a global reputation for being hard and resistant, combatting wear under the harshest conditions. Hardox was the first modern anti-wear sheet in the world, launched in 1974.
29 de July de 2021

Toolox 44 – We are SSAB distributors in Valencia, Spain

Toolox 44 is a new tempered and annealed steel for tools, designed to have high impact resistance and low residual tension, and therefore good dimensional stability. Despite having hardness of 44 HRC, the new steel is easily machined.