Steel Cutting

Steel is dynamic, and a perfect understanding of this material and the machines necessary for working with it is essential.

Technical characteristics and advantages of different types of steel cutting

Precision and speed up to 40mm thickness.
The procedure consists of creating an electric arc through the tip of the welding torch. The cut is based on the thermal and mechanical action of a jet of gas heated by an electric arc with a continuous current.

Advantages of plasma cutting:

Cutting of steel by plasma in Valencia, plate, sheet, tube, bar or forged block.

Oxy-fuel cutting cuts metallic pieces through local combustion and a continuous presence of a jet of oxygen. In work with oxy-fuel cutting, the material is cut through the heating of the piece.

CControl of heat and experience to obtain perfect cuts in all types of thicknesses.

Advantages of Oxy-fuel cutting:

Cutting of steel by oxyfuel in Valencia, plate, sheet, tube, bar or forged block.

Precision and detail up to 25mm
The cut is made by a high power laser which concentrates the beam of light on the surface which will be cut. A system of high precision mirrors helps to direct and focus the beam of light.

Advantages of laser cutting:

Laser cutting in Valencia, plate, sheet, tube, bar or forged block.

The efficiency of simplicity, robustness and good work:
The cut is made by a serrated metal blade, cutting by continuous contact with cutting fluid on the piece being cut.

Advantages of saw cutting:

Example of transformation

by Steel cutting

The client requests a piece of 780 x 780 x 230mm

1. Entry cuts made with thermal lance.
2. Oxy-fuel cutting following the specifications of the plan
provided by the client.
3. Stabilised in kiln to reduce tensions generated by oxy-fuel cutting (C45 quality).
4. Machining of roughing

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Steels to fulfill all missions: Hardox, Toolox, S355J2 + N, C45 + S, S690QL, S890QL, 1.2080, 1.2344, 1.2360, 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2746, 1.2767, 1.2842 …

Post-cutting thermal treatments

We maintain the properties of the pieces after their transformation by heat cutting.


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We work with heavy materials, that is why our processes are agile. We are organized to respond to your requirements quickly, from your call to the transport of material with our own fleet.


We recognise that steel is a part of who we are, and transform it so that it can be a part of you too. It doesn’t matter whether it is a simple or complex requirement, what matters is obtaining the exact piece that is suitable for your project and what you expect from it.


Our engineers are one of your team. The CAD-CAM department gets involved in your project and assumes your challenges as its own. With the philosophy of the transforming spirit, anything is possible.


Advice on
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steel projects

Each project is a small challenge for improvement and innovation.

We know steel as part of us that it is and we transform it so that it is also part of you. It does not matter if it is a simple or complex requirement, what matters is getting the exact part that fits your project and what you expect from it.

Steel is a noble material that our team knows how to treat with nobility.

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